Who is Delta Southern Railroad?

Delta Southern Railroad (DSRR) is a short line railroad serving two port facilities located on the mighty Mississippi River: Lake Providence Port and Madison Parish Port. Our railcars transport grain, aggregate materials, agricultural products, cotton, coal, chemicals, fertilizer, forest products, sand clay and soda ash. DSRR is proud to work closely with our well-respected railroad and interchange partners: Kansas City Southern Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad to extend service throughout the country, Mexico and Canada.

It is Delta Southern Railroad’s objective to afford customers new opportunities and resources to help their business grow. With connections at all levels of government in Louisiana all the way to the local parish representatives in North East Louisiana, we have the means, access and prospects to help you not only expand your business, but change the way you move business.

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Our company’s leadership is founded on four basic tenets – responsibility, accountability, integrity and authenticity. We are a company that is all about relationships and adhere to these beliefs as they define who we are by the way in which we treat others. It’s part of our culture and the way in which we remain true to our values.


At DSRR, we understand the importance of being good stewards to the community and our environment. We strive to maximize our impact on the former and minimize effects on the latter. As a short-line rail provider, DSRR stands alongside our transportation industry partners in an unwavering commitment to safety, security, efficiency and sustainability.