Backhoe Excavator Operator Safety Training and Operator Certification

Delta Southern Railroad announced completion of four team member certifications as Heavy Equipment and Backhoe Operators – Elvis Lyons, DeMarcus Franklin, Christopher Crockett and James Turner.

At Delta Southern we place emphasis in hands-on learning as the primary vehicle to build team member skills and improve public safety standards. As certified heavy equipment operators, our team members have demonstrated safe Excavator/Backhoe operations, operating requirements, use of controls, steering and drive mechanism, lifting techniques and safety measures. In addition, we have implemented new policies for comprehensive pre-use inspection to include walkaround inspections for excavator/backhoe stability, as well as start-up and shut down procedures for improved safety.

Accidents and injuries not only hurt our employees, they also disrupt supply chains paramount to DSRR and our partner’s success. That is why DSRR has committed to strategies that avoid preventable accidents and occupational injury. In addition to maintaining compliance with all regulatory laws and regulations of the rail industry, DSRR holds its own occupational safety and health practices to ensure success of our team and for our partners.

“Our leadership is committed to identifying and managing all safety risks associated with rail operations, both for our community and our team members,” said DSRR Operations Manager, Christopher Crockett. “Because of this, I and my team take equipment safety very seriously. That includes every aspect of maintenance and operational skills required as part of our job.

Established in 2009, Delta Southern Railroad is a short line railroad comprised of two lines, approximately 60 miles apart in Monroe and Tallulah, Louisiana and serving two port facilities located on the mighty Mississippi River: Lake Providence Port and Madison Parish Port. DSRR’s railcars transport grain, aggregate materials, agricultural products, cotton, coal, chemicals, fertilizer, forest products, sand clay and soda ash. DSRR is proud to work closely with well-respected railroad and interchange partners: Kansas City Southern Railroad (KCS) and Union Pacific Railroad (UP).

With connections at all levels of government in Louisiana, all the way to the local parish representatives in Northeast Louisiana, DSRR fosters strategic alliances with integrators and service providers to expand new economic opportunities within the region and for the communities it serves and calls home.