Two Delta Southern Team Members Earn Locomotive Conductor Certification

As part of Delta Southern Railroad’s commitment in maintaining and exceeding the Federal safety standards set forth by the Federal Railroad Administration, we are proud to announce the certification of two team members to Certified Locomotive Conductor – DeMarcus Ray Franklin and Elvis Lyons. DSRR’s certification program includes training, testing, and monitoring of all its conductor team to help ensure and enforce consistent safety protocols. Delta’s continued commitment to education of its team members to prevent incident and damage to equipment and property both on-track and off for all our customers and the community we serve.

“The promotion of Mr. Franklin and Mr. Lyons as Certified Locomotive Conductor is part of Delta Southern’s larger commitment to leadership, rail safety, and infrastructure through personnel training, certification and a wide-range of best in operations practices we are implementing,” said Jon Ryan, Chief Executive Officer. “These practices are all part of our continued investment as stewards of our industry and our customers.”

Established in 2009, Delta Southern Railroad is a short line railroad comprised of two lines, approximately 60 miles apart in Monroe and Tallulah, Louisiana and serving two port facilities located on the mighty Mississippi River: Lake Providence Port and Madison Parish Port. DSRR’s railcars transport grain, aggregate materials, agricultural products, cotton, coal, chemicals, fertilizer, forest products, sand clay and soda ash. DSRR is proud to work closely with well-respected railroad and interchange partners: Kansas City Southern Railroad (KCS) and Union Pacific Railroad (UP).