38th Annual FEW – International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

The Delta Southern team joined many of industry professionals at the 38th Annual International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo June 13-15 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The three-day conference brought together many recognized experts of the ethanol industry, with the goal to get attendees up to speed on the “must know” information in this exciting field, all while providing a casual forum to meet, network and expand their knowledge of this game-changing industry.

The FEW conference featured many opportunities to learn about how the ethanol industry is working to reduce carbon emissions to provide more sustainable fuel alternatives. Summits included Biodiesel & Renewable Diesel and Carbon Capture & Storage where attendees learned about the economics of carbon capture and storage CCS, as well as the infrastructure required to make it possible and the financial and marketplace impacts to participating producers who deploy programs to capture of carbon dioxide from biofuel plants and store them safely in deep underground wells. From strategies and technologies available to how to optimize potential automation, instrumentation, process, and logistical approaches commercially available today, attendees came away with a better understanding of how Ethanol is tomorrow’s Low Carbon fuel and Carbon Capture Storage CCS are truly a game changer.

“We really looked forward to exhibiting at this event” said Frank Prentiss, VP Sales & Marketing with Delta Southern Railroad. “Meeting industry professionals and learning about cutting-edge technology is essential to DSR and enables us to be on the forefront to provide the necessary services in the future. We are already looking forward to next year’s conference.”