Delta Southern Railroad Delivers Largest and Heaviest Load To Date

TALLULAH, LOUSIANA, September 19, 2022 – Delta Southern Railroad, Inc., a privately held short line railroad company in Northern Louisiana, delivered a record-breaking Schnabel car from the Lake Providence interchange to Railcar Co., located in Madison Parish Port. One of the largest railcars ever built in North America, the Schnabel railcar manufactured by Emmert International is specifically designed to carry oversized loads up to 1 million pounds, making this inaugural transport a major achievement for the short line rail provider.

With 20 axels and an empty car length of just over 115 feet, the Schnabel car is a complex system of spans bolsters or frames linked through a suspended load between the two cars by lifting arms. These arms are connected to a pivot above an assembly that supports the weight of the load and the arms. For loads that do not require suspension, the Schnabel is equipped with a deck designed to carry loads up to 836,000 pounds in standard configuration.

Due to their size, Schnabel railcars require two operators and travel at a maximum speed of 40 mph when not under load. For this haul, Delta Southern delivered the Schnabel car, along with the flat car that carries the deck, over 20 miles of track to the Port in just over two hours.

“This particular rail delivery is a testament to the hard work of our leadership and team,” said Jon Ryan, CEO of Delta Southern. “When the line was purchased in 2015, that connection was dormant. Through improved operations and a steadfast commitment to safety by our current ownership, our team can now move more and even larger freight from Lake Providence to Madison Parish Port more efficiently. This extraordinary move should remind customers that when they call to ship something, large or small, we are ready to deliver,” he added.

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About Delta Southern Railroad, Inc.
Established in 2009, Delta Southern Railroad, Inc. is a short line railroad comprised of two lines, located approximately 60 miles apart in Monroe and Tallulah, Louisiana and serving two port facilities located on the mighty Mississippi River: Lake Providence Port and Madison Parish Port. Delta Southern transports grain, aggregate materials, agricultural products, cotton, coal, chemicals, fertilizer, forest products, sand clay and soda ash. Delta Southern is proud to work closely with well-respected railroad and interchange partners: Kansas City Southern Railroad (KCS) and Union Pacific Railroad (UP).

With connections at all levels of government in Louisiana, all the way to the local parish representatives in Northeast Louisiana, DSRR fosters strategic alliances with integrators and service providers to expand new economic opportunities within the region and for the communities it serves and calls home.


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