Customer Spotlight:

RailcarCo, LLC

Delta Southern Railroad is proud of the relationships it maintains with its partners in the rail industry. In testament was DSRR’s recent announcement of delivery of the Schnabel rail car from Lake Providence interchange to Madison Parish Port for RailcarCo, LLC. The 20-mile delivery was a first for the railroad, but not a first for the customer for whom they delivered it.

RailcarCo is a railway vehicle design and manufacturing company specializing in freight and passenger, motor, and non-motor rail vehicles, as well as customized equipment. Their highly skilled team offers a single-source, comprehensive engineering, and design service to customers worldwide for diverse range of railway scopes from concept and analysis, to manufacturing and maintenance.

“The partnership between DSR and RCC is a synergistic one for Madison Parish and Madison Parish Port. We are working together with the DSR to foster new business to the area,” said Dan Militaru, President of RailcarCo. “This collaboration creates opportunities for RailcarCo, DSR, Tallulah and Madison Parish to grow economically and create jobs. This approach is a win-win for all involved,” he added.

Although RailcarCo prides itself on its integrated design and engineering versatility, technical expertise and experience is at its core. With a bench depth of engineers and specialists boasting more than 180 combined years in rail experience, the team has executed numerous complex and prominent projects worldwide further demonstrating their expertise in developing theoretical models and real operational conditions into successful real-world applications. From artistic concept to final stage development of a prototype, RailcarCo designs products in keeping with industry evolution and endeavors to make a positive contribution to development in this sector.

“Whether working on new concept development or retrofitting of an existing vehicle, RailcarCo is developing quality solutions for its partners in the rail industry,” said Jon Ryan, CEO for Delta Southern. “With its dedicated and innovative team of specialists, as well as it deep technical knowledge and experience of the sector, RailcarCo is a strong industry ally ideally suited to assist its customers. We are proud to service Dan and his team at RailcarCo and are confident that they will be an integral part of the long-term growth of the surrounding area.”

RailcarCo is highly versatile and offers itself as a single-source entity with a wide range of design and development capability. They provide customers integrated rail transport solutions ranging from artistic concept to prototype development all while creating novel products with a strategic advantage. From new concept development to retrofitting an existing vehicle, to a multi-disciplinary or passenger transit vehicle, RailcarCo answers the demand for evolutionary transport options and as such has recently set its sights to repurposed, rebuilt and conversion.

“We are starting a new division for bus repowering/ remanufacturing converting older diesel-powered busses to fully electric vehicles,” said Militaru. “We’re uniquely positioned to take on the ever-growing demand for vehicles using clean energy in American cities.”

Indeed, while some industry insiders are skeptical, serious interest by some U.S. municipalities is emerging. Even recent studies being conducted suggest these conversions are an inevitability at least in some part. That’s why getting in front of this type of demand is just another way RailcarCo is thinking forward for its customers and rail partners, and why Delta Southern for its part is proud to feature such a strong ally. To learn more about RailcarCo, visit their website at