Short Rail Transportation - It's what we do.

Delta Southern Railroad (DSRR) serves two port facilities located on the mighty Mississippi River: Lake Providence Port and Madison Parish Port. Our railcars transport grain, aggregate materials, agricultural products, cotton, coal, chemicals, fertilizer, forest products, sand clay and soda ash. DSRR is proud to work closely with our railroad and interchange partners, Kansas City Southern Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad.

Delta Southern Railroad affords our customers the means, opportunities and resources to help grow and move their business. We cultivate relationships at all levels of government in Louisiana, all the way to the local parish representatives in North East Louisiana. For our customers, we often represent the best option for first mile and last mile in their transportation strategy, and the only option for branching out to serve clients all over the US, Mexico and Canada.

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Connecting to where you do business.
  • Both lines conveniently located on the Kansas City Southern “Meridian Speedway” & Interstate 20.
  • South centrality provides a strategic location within the logistics footprint for moving product from the southern ports to destinations north, east, and west within the vast rail network.
  • Railcar storage customers use DSRR as a central pass over point with cars routinely cycling through awaiting their next move.
  • All bridges are 286,000 pound compliant.
Railcar Storage

The service we provide for customer freight operations and railcar storage is an integral part of our customers logistics chain.  The location of our lines provides our car storage customers a vital service for both short- and long-term storage allowing customers the option to use DSRR as a central pass over point with railcars routinely cycling through as they await their next move.

Tariffs, Governing Provisions Rules & Regulations

For more information on Delta Southern Railroad’s miscellaneous rules and charges, switching, demurrage and storage rules and charges please use the link at right.